are our priorities reflective of what is in the news?

are our priorities reflected in what is reported in the news?

it is interesting how much air time this whole anna nicole smith story gets...
the death?
the custody?
you name it

is this the news of the day?

what about the war in Iraq?
what about the deaths in Iraq?
number of the US soliders dead or injured? the Iraqi civilians?
what are the numbers?
what is the real story?
what is the whole story?

I guess if the people of Iraq were blondes we would see more footage


this all reminds me of the Jean Benet Ramsey
why was this one missing child the focus of the media?
there are certainly children going missing that get no media attention

I guess part of the problem is that there is an issue with filling the void of 24 hour news

a realease from iraqbodycount.org

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