back from the beach...

back from a family vacation in florida...

back from the beach...

back in dc...
back to winter...

left dc and it was spring
went to the beach and it was much like summer
came back to dc to find winter

there was fun in the sun by the sea and the sand
castles in the sand and countless hours in the pool

a swamp boat ride through the mangrove canopy in the everglades and the excitement of seeing an alligator family on a short nature hike in Semiole State Park
the option of renting a boat was not original... clearly other spring breakers thought of this before us
as the boats were all booked

the grandparents were awesome hosts
the kids were stoked to get wild with their cousins
our games of marco polo were modified to suit our location of marco island
our kick the can games at the local park invited all others wishing to play
there were kites in the sky and soccer games in the field

there was a wild energy
that wild energy and excitement that happens when the cousins get together
a giddiness that puts kids on something less than their best behavior

our vaction was a blast
not exactly the relaxing break that I needed
but that is what I expected... as it is tough to entertain small children and relax at the same time

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