fun with 29ers....

Graham at GOCLIPLESS had a link to this spoof on Myth Busters... Myth Blasters debate the 29er
the video is fun...
worth a viewing

Gary Fisher has some fun on this same topic...
Fisher Bikes: Fisher 101

I have considered running some similar tests...
but... as I have been riding 29ers for a few years now
well... I have come to realize that I do not fit on the 26 inch wheel bike
this weekend past my brother and I swapped out bikes
my Karate Monkey rigid Single Speed 29er for his ultra squishy Specialized something or other with 26 inch wheels

I learned nothing...
other than I do not fit on the standard XL bike with 26 inch wheels

in the end...
my brother was still more fit, faster, smarter and better educated, and had more hair
the bike did not change anything

I may have decided to ignore my desire to do some dirt time trials on my 26 inch bike versus my 29 inch wheel bike
but... I can still do some comparisons to my geared bike to my single speed!

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