music on the brain

the police reunion tour
had not given it much thought

the police are awesome
who doesn't love the police?

for me the police drifted after Zendetta Mondatta

their first three records were key
but the police went the way of combat rock with ghost in the machine
it was purchased
it was played
but it was the beginning of the end

the specials, the selector, madness... and even fatty buster bloodvessel and bad manners
these were filling my ska need along with the english beat
the police remained as part of my history
I still have the vinyl for the first four albums
did not even purchase Synchronicity
even though the geeky record collector in my could appreciate that there were thrity three different record covers for the first release of that album

okay... that may be urban myth

the police are cool
those albums were great
but it did not appeal to my perspective at the time
it is all very funny to look back upon

if you have never seen The Who QUADROPHENIA... see it!
and of course listen to it... it is a side of The Who that not everyone knows.

and GOLDEN HOUR OF THE KINKS is an amazing record that makes me realize how great it would be to have my turn table hooked up
listening to records would a great activity over television


iconoclasst said...

Quadrophenia...best Who album ever, hands down. Everyone boasts up Tommy, but for me, it was QP from the first listen. Jesus, all that angst, neatly delivered with the eloquence and concision and precision that made Pete Townsend the legend he still is.

Early (obscure?) Police was fantastic ("Dead-end Job", "Fall Out", "Nothing Achieving", "Landlord" to name a few); Sting's literary background did a lot for that band, till fame and riches bent his brain. Alas...

gwadzilla said...

sting is still cool...

he just got older

and a little less raw

and maybe a bit vain

I would be vain if I were Gordon Sumner


I am modertately vain as a bald man without any achievement that even resembles greatness

iconoclasst said...

"I am moderately vain as a bald man without any achievement that even resembles greatness."

Having an immensely popular blog will do that to ya, my friend (or so I've heard, ha).

camps said...

...and don't forget The Kids Are Alright, rockumentary.

very interesting

gwadzilla said...


I have never see THE KIDS are ALRIGHT

but I should