that was his name
remember... when you look into the night sky
-toe cutter
mad max


at the WABA Silent Auction I bid on a few things
luckily I only won out on one
got the NiteRider MiNewt

the light looks pretty sweet...
maybe not enough for racing, but definitely a great commuter light and an good light to race with as back up

today I sent back my Digital Evolution*
hopefully it all comes back working as it should
I have been a loyal NiteRider customer for years and years...
they have been getting money out me pretty darn close to their beginning!

*the Digital Evolution is not HID...
man... after going to HID it is a joke riding with anything else
HID may be overkill for the bike path
but some sort of lighting is a must for riding at night

matt d of dcmtb/citybikes out bid me on the surly flask

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gwadzilla said...

I am stoked to do some urban city riding with this light