I did not stop by to take pictures

I did not stop to take pictures of chris
I did not stop by anna's to take pictures either

I was headed home after a photo filled post work ride home
the battery was exhausted on my camera and so I was I
had worked the late shift
had ridden in the moring after a longer than usual walk with the dog in the woods
so I wanted to get straight home to the family

but... I saw Chris Soda andI wanted to hear how the Gold Sprints had gone yesterday in the 4th stage of DC's Dublin Alleycat 7 Stage Race

Chris was bikeless with hands full of coffee
he stopped and we chatted

sure enough Chris was sore from a superior effort that gave him first place at yesterday's Gold Sprints thus maintaining first in the overall standings in the race where the winner gets tickets to represent Washington DC in the Messenger Worlds that are being hosted in Dublin this year

after a little talk about the race we talked about mountain bike parts then anna
it is anna who told me that chris needed some parts that I definitely have
and have to spare
then chris told me that anna had been doored and was at home waiting for some coffee

so I walked the final blocks with chris over to anna's

anna was headed down the block as we rounded the corner

I snapped a few shots as I got the story of her being doored by a car in traffic while splitting lanes
not a parked car
but a car paused in traffic
hard to anticipate that

I looked at her shoulder
not being a doctor
but being a victim of multiple dislocations and one major compound fracture of my clavicle
anna did not think it was dislocated
but she thought she may have broken her clavicle
I was not sure
as I may often have spidey senses
I lack x-ray vision... that is superman's territory
so I back her decision to head to the Emergency Room

her spirits were good
her control of the pain and discomfort was also good
not sure of the severity of the injury
but I could see that there was already the sadness within the thoughts of missed rides and missed races

anna was on her way home from work
headed to meet up with fellow dcmtber mattyd for a trip to schaffer farms
there was mention of this weekend's race at michaux
no complaint or mention of maybe missing the poolesville road race

right now I imagine that anna is still at the hospital
as these things tend to take time
usually waiting time
but time just the same

I hope that she is alright
even if it is a slight break of her clavicle it is alright
so much worse could have happened
no one even wants to talk about head trauma

so in the scheme of things we already know that anna is fine
right now it is a matter of whether or not she is injured
hopefully is nothing more than a bad bump that will leave a serious bruise and some sorness
then x-rays may show either a slight separation or maybe a slight fracture of the clavicle
either of which may merit a sling

glad anna is okay
glad anna was not hurt more
hope that she gets some advice to take a few days off the banging on the bike... take some asprin and some anti-inflamitories.... then see how the rocks and roots feel on the mountain bike

anna got second in the expert women's field at Greenbrier on Sunday
my guess is she would be strong on a technical course like Michaux

good to hear that chris soda is so stoked about the alleycat...
would it be cursing things for him to start the passport process?
to get or update a passport we all need to have a birth certificate
sometimes these things are not where we remember them to be


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