kinetic sculpture race in baltimore

Baltimore's Kinetic Sculpture Race

Saturday I spent the day with my family in Baltimore for a picnic

Lisa and I met Anna and Dave in Baltimore for the Kinetic Sculpture Races
our kids played with their kids
the kids tapped into the wacky energy of the day and went wild

the weather was warm and clear
as the hours of the day passed I started to feel the threat of rain
although weather in Baltimore does not help the prediction of weather in Fredericksburg
I still anticipated rain for Lodi that night

the Kinetic Sculpture Race is a spectacle
these contraptions are pretty fantastic
the thought and design of some of these machines are clearly evolutions over the years
not a weekend project
from the looks of things these people store their car on the street and the kinetic sculptures in their garages

the Indian Elephant was one of my favorites
while Fi Fi the Pink Poodle was clearly the crowd favorite
the two large wheel machine got grand applause as it was structurally unique
the list goes on and on
too many sculptures to name

an event well worth marking on the calendar

a good way to spend the day before heading towards a 12 hour mountain bike race

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