magic in the park

now for his next trick?
a rabbit out of a helmet?

enough time has passed that there is no real reason to talk about lodi farms any more
there have been other rides
there are other races coming up fast
yet I still have not taken the time to play with the numbers

one great way for a person to relive the experience is to look at the lap times
the speed on the laps will be memories along with moments of the night

a dead field mouse in complete darkness

a new chain pounded into the earth at sunrise

the bird activity worth stopping for logging some local speices and drawing a few rough sketches into my bird book

let me check these numbers
the numbers for me
the numbers for my team


53 Chris
58 Chris
56 Joel
1:01 Jonathan (23 minutes lost to my handoff to a stranger not on my team)
55 Joel
55 Chris
1:01 Jonathan
51 Joel
52 Chris
58 Jonathan
51 Joel
51 Chris
49 Joel

okay... that is the breakdown
I botched a competitive race for second or third with my first lap
sure it fueled me
but it also soured me a bit

sure fatmarc and his spot brand boys averaged faster than my fastest lap
but... I felt good
it felt good

that results photo
last night I listened to this MP3 interview with Laird Knight on YOURMTB.com
I have been that angry guy coming in with a fast lap where I left it all on the trail and not having my team mate in the tent
I have also been the guy hanging out at the campfire hearing my team number being called an number of times
and no
I am not proud of it

I think that was the roatation... I think that those were the numbers
racing with chris... racing on the same course as chris... having chris somewhere in the area makes me race harder

time to start focusing on The 24 Hours of Big Bear
but also thinking about Granogue this Sunday

wrenching in the gears has Part 2 posted


iconoclasst said...

Thinking about Granogue, thinking about Big Bear.

Definately doing Killington with at least one third of The Big Meats.

IF Chicks said...

Feeling good and riding faster are harder to improve than baton exhanges and other such details.

At Big Bear, your team must be a fine oiled machine. Have some type of system for estimating when the next person needs to be in the exchange tent.

Who's the captain ? Make sure the crew knows what the plan is :)

Good luck at Granogue !!!!!!
My house closing is monday at 9am and the return trip sun is ~ 7hrs. Playing it safe staying closer to home.