same old same old

same old same old
gwadzilla is bitching about traffic again...

traffic on the streets
traffic on the multi-use bike path

it is the same old same old
it is the same people doing the same obnoxous and dangerous things

that woman in the surgical scrubs that tailgated me in her blue VW through the narrow residential streets of georgetown
that behavior is not out of character for her
I am certain that she treats the human life with disregard each and every time behind the wheel
modern medicine is just a job... she is not concerned with life... she is working a job that pays her handily
once off the clock... she can run people down and round up some business for her trade

those high school kids rushing back from rowing practice down by the water
kids will be kids
and if these kids kill someone
well... those kids will be sorry and that person will be dead
maybe we should raise the driving age... how does 50 sound?
maybe someone should talk to these kids

the man in the BMW pulling out of the parking garage making a left turn right in front of me
nearly on top of me
not slowing for traffic
certainly not slowing for me
this is the garage that he parks in each and everyday
this is how he drives... each and everyday
to him that was not a close call... to me it was nearly a trip to the ER
to him it would have been an inconvenient call to his insurance company
to me it would have been a life altering experience

the man in the white van
this man in the white van is like so many men in white vans
so accustom to the blindspot created by the windowless van that he no longer looks
that U-Turn in front of me could have just as easily been a U-Turn in front of a car, a motorcycle, or another contractor lost in his white van
watch out for the white van
happy hour may have already started for the man in the white van
I can see that he has already had dinner as he just dumped it out the driver's side door
I am not a fan of the man in the white van

the ride was as car free as I could make it
some days I just do not want to try and play Superman racing the train
so I did a short loop around urban traffic then jumped onto the Capital Crescent Trail for a quick up and back to Bethesda
wanted more... need more... but did not have time for more
so I jammed on what I could afford

zipped up to Bethesda a few minutes before the rush of post work human traffic flooded the trails
there were a few bicyclists, a few walkers, a few strollers, a few rollerbladers
but not the sea of people that can mob the trail on a cool spring afternoon after work
where the trail is not yet muggy, humid, and bug infested

I muscled my way up to Bethesda Avenue
wanted to push the gravel road to Conn. Ave
but had to get home and gather with the family
as there were plans for a pizza and soccer at my brother's house in glover park
his older son turned 7
we were excited to join in on the birthday celebration

my trip from the starting point of the Capital Crescent Trail went back through the city
nearly passing my office on my way home
there is work being done on the rock creek bike path
hopefully widening
more than likely just re-paving

the traffic had its usual jokers
just out of work and still on the Blackberry
holding the cell phone even though it has hands free speaker capabilities
rolling through stop signs
ignoring the stop lines
never yeilding to pedestrians
certainly not showing any care or concern for the cyclist on the road

this is the same thing everyday
I do not see it getting better
actually... I see it getting worse

people need to re-think their behavior
people need to think
pull things out of auto-pilot
drive in a rational manner

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