track bike is not my second nature

the track bike is not my second nature

a few months ago I broke that frankenfixie colnago
since then I have not had a fixed gear to ride
thought about welding that frame
though about having a friend weld that frame
but it just has not been a priority
maybe in the fall
fall feeding into winter
after the mountain bike season I will be looking for something to make the same loops fun again
maybe then I will build up another fixie
I have a bennotto that has not quite horizontal drop outs

maybe I will suck it up and buy a frame
but that would mean a bottom bracket and a headset as well

I snapped these shots last night as I went down the street with the family
my bet is he was headed down to the Wednesday Night BBQ and Time Trial

not sure if he appreciated having his picture taken
in a sarcastic sort of way he buzzed me

such is his right
no blood... no foul

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Meredith said...

That's Mark Katzenberger. He was a courier way back when and now programs computers or something. Had to settle down with a desk job when he started a family. He still comes to events a lot (such as the time trials) and usually show everyone whats up. I've seen him do the tt on his track bike in like 14 minutes which is what the top times last wednesday were. Plus he won something at last year's NACCC in Philly. And if they had a title for top old guy or top ex-messenger, I'm sure he woulda gotten it.
We're going to watch the DC Divas with Katz on Saturday.