hide and seek in mount pleasant

last night after getting the boys ready for bed I took my black dog brutus for a neighborhood walk
sure he had already had a leashless run with me and the boys on the trails in Rock Creek Park earlier this evening
but the night was so nice I felt my time could be better spent walking around the neighborhood enjoying the crisp humidityless air rather than flopping down on the couch with the tv controler in hand

so we walked...
we meandered a directionless loop down the sidewalks and through alleys

early in the walk I noticed some dc metropolitian police activity
the lights were flashing on the roof of the cars and search lights were panning the sidewalks and porches as the cruisers rolled slowly down the block
I grew curious and a tad anxious what was happening around me
after the second or third pass I made eye contact with one of the officers and he shared with me some information in the form of a question... "have you seen an adult black male with a white t-shirt running through here?"
the question was vague... the answer was still no
with "a be careful out there" as a goodbye the officer continued on with his search

this game of hide and seek
where it is so much easier for the person to hide than it is for that person to be found

I never learned what had happened or who they were looking for

I continued my walk
passing various houses that were once occupied by friends
passing the various houses that I once lived in myself
the place where lisa and I lived when we first got married
the group house where I lived with an assortment of messengers
never seeing this black man running in a white t-shirt
although I did see several black men in white t-shirts... none anxious... none on the move

this morning I did a quick google for some news about the events of last night in my neighborhood
came up empty
life in the city...
the modern age...

that is a logo I threw together a few years ago for mount pleasant main street


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