it is sunday eveing...

it is sunday evening
it has been raining all day
which is fine... we need the rain
things are looking pretty green
and... I did not have any cycling plans that got disrupted by moist earth

the weekend is nearly over
the boys are in the tub warming up after squirt gun fights in the rain
tried going to Shrek 3... so did a few other people... enough people to sell out the theater
went to the CVS to grab a DVD new release for the afternoon
this CVS did not have any DVDs for sale
like jack and the bean stalk
went out seeking one thing came home with something completely different and somewhat unexpected

we tried going to the zoo
but my FONZ card was rejected by the parking attendent
yes... our house is four blocks from the zoo
but we were already in the car
it made sense to drive
it made sense to drive because we were already in the car
but not so much sense that I would pay for parking

instead we went home and played out back in the rain
the boys played with dolphin shaped squirt guns and foam airplanes that are propelled by hand held sling shots
then dean did his best luke skywalker with a wiffleball bat as I blew bubble
I sat comfortably under a large patio umbrella
dean waited like a young jedi master for the bubbles to float within his sphere
I tried to get him to slow things down rather than spaz out and hit me in the head while swinging for the floating bubbles
dean was very patient
dean got very wet

trying to teach the boy a few things
like trying to get him to learn the difference between funny and obnoxious
something that some boys never learn
even as men

the boys are about to get out of the tub
I better start making dinner...
fajitas on the grill... yummy
yes... grilling in the rain, it is gas with a cover
we already have the stuff for tonight's menu

today got rained out
but nothing was set on the schedule
everything happened on saturday

saturday was some sort of kid's triathalon
morning soccer game, kid's bicycle race as the CSC Clarendaon Cup, and then swimming in the pool
good thing we got those things done yesterday
as none of those things could have happened yesterday

that picture is by Kevin Dillard of Demon Cats
taken at the Destination Dublin event in Rock Creek on Wednesday
the final stage was yesterday in Franklin Park...
I wonder how things closed up

change of plans...
no one is in the mood for fajitas
we are going out to NOODLES

no arguement from me
as it is only 5:30
and I have no idea how I was going to try and entertain these boys till bedtime
rainy days can be crazy


Suki said...

waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute!

you're not a black man???

gwadzilla said...

I am confused?

who said that I am not black?