the main event

saturday was fun packed

after dean's morning soccer game we loaded up the bikes and crossed the bridge into virginia
shared our plans with dean's buddy isaiah

it seemed like it was cutting it close
but there was little traffic and no issue finding a parking space
we registered with plenty of time to soak in the surroundings
the boy messed around on their bikes as they waited for the kids race to start

the race is a mystery
the notion of pace and distance are unknown to the young racers
the energy that surrounds the moment must be intense

csc invitational

dean and isaiah were comfortable with the swarm that was around them

I thought that the were doing a full lap
but they ended up doing a half lap

no one knows who finished first
but I like to think that dean and isaiah left the pack of four to six year olds in the dust

after the kids race we hung out for the pro race
we got some carryout from a deli
some fantastic sandwiches
the kids fueled up and then got back on their bikes
grant fell asleep in the afternoon heat
dean and isaiah may very well have ridden their bikes for the full duration of the men's pro race

it was a good day

MEC tips for cycling with kids


hounddogblog said...

Great pics Joel.

Looks like that was a fun race!

iconoclasst said...

I was there noonish, but only walked by to pick up a bottom bracket for the fixie at Revolution Cycles. If I had known you were coming, I'd have paused for a beer.

Last year was fun, throwing down Arrogant's all day at Boulevard Woodgrill not 5 feet from the event. But this year I needed to do a little riding myself and decided to skip it.

Nic pix.

Lorena said...

It was nice to see you there. Great photography on your blog. It's fun running into you places, and you always have your camera. The kids race was great. We watched them race by with pure joy on their faces. The best race of the day. Reminded me of the pure enjoyment of riding and racing.

IF Chicks said...

looks like the kids race was a blast !!

hope you and family have agreat time camping and racing this weekend at Big Bear.

go gwadzilla !!!!