some thoughts on driving through neighborhoods...

driving through neighborhoods

people should drive through their neighborhood as if they were driving through a neighborhood

people should drive past a school as if they are driving past a school
especially during pick up and drop off
even if they are not involved in pick up or dropoff

people should
but people don't

people should drive through their neighborhoods respecting their neighbors
not making excessive noise
not achieving excessive speeds
passing each corner as if a young child were going to step off the curb
exiting each driveway or alley as if a woman a pushing a stroller were about to roll out in front of them

then they need to learn and understand
the aggressive driving with its rapid acceleration and speed limit braking speeds really is no faster than being legal and efficient

tonight I drove over to a friend's house to grab some stuff for this weekend's race
drove rather than rode
regretted my choice early on in my cross town drive
20 blocks on bicycle tends to be faster during rush hour than 20 blocks in a car

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