AZ is still trying to earn money to send people to Dublin

AZ is trying to raise enough money to send the second place female and the second place male finisher from the Destination Dublin Alleycat Series to the Messenger Worlds in Dublin

good stuff on eBay
AZ on myspace
Messenger Worlds in Dublin

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Meredith said...

small correction:
Meredith and Skander decided that the 2nd place kids really needed to be in Dublin too--more DC representation = more chances for DC to take on the world = more supportive team. So they enlisted the help of the DCBCA (including AZ cuz he is the president)to organize some fund-raisers. AZ, I and some others put a bunch of stuff together to auction on ebay in addition to the Potato Bar that I organized and the DCBCA/Radio CPR Movie Night--main organizers on that were Alison Rodden, Meredith, Valentin, Nancy Shia (ANC Adams Morgan), and AZ.
But, yes, where would we be without AZ? I feel super lucky to have him in the DC community.