the bigger they are... the harder they fall

the bigger they are
the harder they fall
that is a classic statement
we have all heard that statement

there may be a similar notion when thinking about cyclists in the situation of crashes and injury
the faster they are on the bike the greater the likelihood of a serious injury in the case of an accident
or something to that effect

last week Chris Soda was hit by a car
suffering a broken femur that meritted surgery
Chris was the second place finisher in the DC Alleycat series; Destination Dublin

Chris... heal up fast
stay positive
do your physical therapy
and again... stay positive
you are young...
you are a cyclist for life...
you will be back on the bike and fast again
this incident will become nothing more than a memory, a story, and a scar

chris... sorry you will not be off in Dublin representing DC with Skandar
sorry you got hit
glad it was not worse
glad you are alright

I have not talked to Chris since the accident
I will keep people posted if there will be a fundraiser or anything else to help with the costs

that photo of chris is from this gwadzilla archive

maybe some good will come out of it
the gwadzilla photo thing stems from my being off the bike with a shoulder injury
I was not riding so I walked to work
since I was not riding there were no words about biking to put on the page
so I took photos instead
gwadzilla archive with x-rays
gwadzilla archive with some of the early images

Bruce's RACING AT 50 Blog
Bruce suffered a serious neck injury on the bike
his positive outlook is inspirational!


O'Grady the Roubaix winning water boy

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