the capital crescent trail

last night after work I did not feel much like riding the bike
I fought my impulse to go straight home and ducked through georgetown and down to the capital crescent trail for a quick out and back to bethesda on this car free multi-use trail

I was on the specialized cross bike
feeling pretty spry as the rear wheel was no longer rubbing the brakes
cruised out to bethesda with the camera in hand
tried to snap some shots on the move
most of the images came out blurry
managed to get a few photos of these guys taking it easy on the multi-use trail

monday can often be an off day for the weekend racer

it was a good mellow afternoon on the bike
was out for an hour forty five
forty five longer than I had intended
15 to 20 of that hour forty five was spent socializing, snapping pictures, and stripping off my backpack and jersey to free a wasp that was trying to sting its way free
my back is still tingling from the wasp/hornet/bee/scorpion sting
still do not know what it was

got home to the family
lisa was on the couch fighting a summer cold
I cooked up some dinner then took the boys with me and the dog for a quick hike in the woods
deer sighting just across the street from our urban dwelling

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