Clydesdale Cycles... if I were a frame builder

clydesdale cycles...
if I were a frame builder

if I were a frame builder my company would be called clydesdale cycles
we would make bicycles to bigger and taller people
not just a taller frame
but a frame with actual measure and concern for the needs of the taller cyclist

my niche... professional athletes
pro football players and pro basketball players would be my main clientle
the probasketball players would have their own line of bikes
it is hard to say if the 29 inch wheel would be large enough
but to keep costs down and to keep purchase variable large
we would stick to the 29 inch wheel format

college basketball programs would own fleets of our bikes for their college squads
there would be a cruiser model that the college athletes would buy for getting around campus
everybody over six foot would want to be on a Clydesdale Cycle
everybody over seven feet would understand that there is no other option than the Clydesdale Clydle
the popularity of these bicycles with these athletes in the limelite would spill over to mainstream culture
people would see the althlete of the day our cruising with his entourage on their Clydesdale Cycles
well.... everyone would want a Clydesdale Cycle

on MTV Cribs the althletes of the day would not only show their driveways full of fancy cars
they would also show their garage full of pimped out Clydesdales Cycles
which of course would have to have its own line of shoes as the professional athlete can not find a bicycle specific shoe to fit their gigantic feet

I am not a frame builder
I am not an ambitious businessman
so Clydesdale Cycles will never be


iconoclasst said...

Bah, niche market.

Jim said...

LeBron bought a chunk of Canondale, and rides for a couple hours with his dawgs every morning during the off-season. If you've seen the System Six, it's you-ge. Don't know if it meets the needs of the Clyde, but it sure is large. I'm a Clyde myself (know anybody else that crushes Open Pros but rides okay?) so I appreciate what you're sayin'.