got me thinking about cross... talking cross in the summer?

MegA of the NewEnglandCross Blog has me thinking of cross
why? because MegA reminds me of cyclocross

MegA reminded me of the Peter Nicholl's short on Cervelo TV
you will have to click on the section marked Cervelo TV then check out Peter N: THIRTEEN.FIVE
if you crank it you will hear a friend of mines music fade in... that is FORT KNOX FIVE
Peter shows his taste with not just the images but the soundtrack
the whole piece is short
but it plays slow and patient
even though it moves fast
the silence other than the ambient noise
well, it is pure art
then again I am a fan of the original planet of the apes

I say watch a handful of them and then vote
I bet that you vote for THIRTEEN.FIVE

not to get you started... but here is the link to CROSSTALK

while I tease
I am sure that Fatmarc is already having dreams about cross
poor Chunky Monkey having to sleep along side of marc with some stupid smile on his face
maybe giggling as he jumps imaginary barriers

seeing the review of the Bianchi Rita made me think of Chris
sure you would think that that bike review in dirt rag would make me think of eric roman
but it made me think of chris
that image of roman came off a solid gwadzilla archive from earlier this year
this is also a good archive with some roman shit on it


megA said...

oh goodness. i certainly have my grrr face on in that photo.

i too am dreaming about cross, but trying not to get all anxious about it. that's hard tho, yes?

oh my oh my. . .

gwadzilla said...

cross=funny faces