I should be asleep...

I should be asleep
as I am racing tomorrow
but... I tend not to got to bed until midnight
and I had a coffee before going out a party tonight
that and the race does not start until one in the afternoon

tomorrow is race number one of the local cranky monkey series
race number one is held at Wakefield park
a race loop that includes the Wednesday At Wakefield race loop
then some of the other sections of the park... the bowl and the creek trail or something to that effect

went over the bike when we got home from the party
did not do much more than clean and lube the chain
a few pumps of air into the tires
then several turns of a trueing key
some poking about the brakes
double checking the shifting after the cleaning and the lubeing of the drivetrain

it is just past midnight and I am drinking a glass of wine, blogging, and watching the tour

tomorrow should be a fun day on the bike
the trails should be fast and dry
fast and dry on a rolling course with no real climbs
there should be a good assortment of people there
I will be arriving with my brother

even with the one pm start time there will be the absence of some DCMTB folks
as they will just be finishing the 24 hours of killington

I think I will finish this drink with some of the tour
maybe toy with an image or two
maybe just put my feet up

putting my feet up sounds more rational than starting up with the photoshop

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