it is strange...

it is strange...

it is strange
I did not cry at my grandmother's funeral
yet I cry as I read about the death of a stranger

a cyclist was hit and killed while on her bicycle late last month
corinne crawford is dead at 27

it is simple and clear why I cry for this stranger
something about sixty years

sixty years of life
sixty years to love and live

sixty years to try and fail and try again
sixty years to make mistakes and apologize for them
it saddens me

my grandmother got to live her life
corinne did not get to live hers

my grandmother died at 87
sixty years longer to walk the planet
or in corinne's case the chance for sixty more years to ride the planet

corinne crawford memorial site
vanderkitten at myspace

may corrine rest in peace
may my grandmother rest in peace
may we all live long lives
may we all be safe on and off the bike

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MRussell said...

I came across the tragedy of Corinne's passing yesterday.

"may we all be safe on and off the bike"

Well said. Thanks.