jason farrell

jason farrell...
jason farrell has directed a few film shorts for vans
music from retisonic was used in these films

that is jason flashing back to the '80's with a backside boneless
the betty in the background was not even born yet when that trick was en vogue


hounddogblog said...

Fu*king EXCELLENT movie! Yea Farrell.

Really liked the way it was filmed. Looks like Farrell is next in line for the big time out here in LA!

Go B-Town Boyz!


gwadzilla said...

fury has got skills
mad skills

his artistic touch is everywhere

I mention KingFace...
jason created the package for their CD
you mention Ian MacKaye and Fugazi...
sure enough... Farrell put his heart and soul into designing several of their cd packages
the list goes on
the Ignition Collection... another Farrell Labor Of Love!
his hourly for that stuff was about a a nickel
he did not do it for the money
it was all for love of the game
as an honor to the music that influenced him

oh yea... that and he was friends with those guys

hounddogblog said...

oh yea, I forgot to say...I really liked the soundtracks on this movie too! Kudos Jason!