John Stabb... a victim of the ultra violence

John Stabb got jumped and beaten down last week
he is recovering from surgery

information page on what happened to john stabb and what you can do...

john stabb at myspace

"if you have to ask..."
google john stabb
or look up john stabb on the WIKI Page

give it a look
give it a listen

check out GI on YOUTUBE

John Stabb's music got me through some stuff
I know that his energy and his lyrics were music to my adolescent ears


iconoclaSSt said...

Damn, that's a shame. Here's hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.

Steve said...

Wow, that really sucks.

Alex said...

I heard about that... unbef***inglievable. :(

jtfilby said...

Update - 7/25/07 - John has made it home and is recuperating under the tender loving care of his wife, Mika. The surgery was successful. John is now the proud owner of 5 or 6 titanium metal plates shoring up his “zygomatic tripod” bones (around the eye orbit) and his upper jaw. A screw under his right eye. A leather splint over his nose. And temporary braces readjusting his teeth. John was fortunate to not have his jaw wired shut, however, this will be reevaluated within the next week, and he will be on a liquid diet for several weeks to come