life is a dangerous activity... live at your own risk

life is a dangerous activity
live at your own risk

so much that we do has the potential for danger
we try to respect that danger
we tuck our fears into a little corner of our brain and carry on
if we listened to our fears we could quite easily become crippled by them
agoraphobia, vertigo, etc.

traveled some of the fast folks blogs and landed on bruce's racing at 50 blog
bruce had a very serious crash that sent him to the hospital via the flight for life helicopter
his spirits are good
he has good support from family, friends, and his dog
only in colorado can your dog come into the hospital
his injuries could have been worse
check in on bruce and drop him a line showing your support

jeremiah bishop

ride with nick martin
racing at 50 blog

list of phobias on the wiki page

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