my arm has finally healed up... no longer scabbed... well... not really

this is me finishing up my last lap at the 2007 big bear
my fifth lap
than last lap that can be a sweet reward if you approach it right

I had an assortment of experiences on each lap at big bear
each lap offered its challenges
challenges with an assortment of personal victories
the fifth lap offers a grand familiarity with the course
no excuses about lack of light
or awkward lighting
there is an issue of fatigue
but the combination of familiarity with a little vanity can make it an interesting lap

the last lap has the danger of confidence of riding a lap with a relaxed focus
taking some sections with less caution and more fun than the laps prior
the fight for a fast lap
the last lap and all its potential to be a personal best
clearing more obstacles, flowing through more fluidly, and thinking maybe it is possible to have the fastest lap of the weekend

I did not set out for my fastest lap of the weekend
I did feel psyched about my strength and my familiarity with the course
so I left out looking to rock a fast lap with some smart racing all while having some fun

sure enough I was having fun
all sorts of fun
really looking to maximize my flow
knowing where to let off the brakes and where I could let it rol

finishing up the first third of my fifth lap feeling pretty good
when I entered the new addition to early entry of the symetrical pine forest I was feeling pretty good
feeling pretty cool actually
I rolled fast and high on the pine needle carpeted berms
make the turns with some flow
then on one of these glorious turns I clipped one of the symetrical trees

immediate pain
immediate awkwardness to the control of my wrist
immediate tightness and soreness
as I exited the new section of pine forrest and stopped for the aid station before entering the main section of pine forrest from the years prior

there was a quick dousing of the wound with some hydrogen peroxide
I felt good about the nascar pit response time
then things changed
the guy with the bottle of hydrogen peroxide stepped aside with his piece of the puzzle
aid station volunteer number two stepped forward
stepped forward with less intensity than I had time for

the size of the bandaid had me worried
I requested some gauze and a bandage
accepted the option of some gauze and some tape
there was still a very small bandaid in his hand

the wound was deep but things did not seem to be in need of medical attention
so I left the aid station and got back on the course
too many racers had passed
I got back on the course and tried to find my groove

managed an hour twenty six
with the stop for assistance I felt pretty good about my efforts and my numbers

the would could have used some stitches
I did not get stitches
there is a bit of a scar
things are just about healed up

chris redlack sent me this photo
chris was on a team that was just behind our team
it was too close for comfort

I am too drunk to proof read these posts

this month's SPOKES should be out with all sorts of pictures and all sorts of words

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Craig said...

Chicks dig scars . . . how's that for a macho response?! But seriously, they're a great conversation starter . . ."How'd you get that scar?" "Oh, that little (six inch scar) thing? Well, that's an interesting story . . . ." and so on