my monkey and my thudbuster...

the last few days I have been riding the Surly Karate Monkey Single into work...

the gearing is really set up for dirt

makes things a tad awkward for playing Superman racing the train
so I take it easy and roll at the pace which the bicycle allows...

the Karate Monkey single has
lost its position in the quiver to the Jamis Exile 29er
recently I bumped the KM SS for the Jamis SS
raced the 12 hours of lodi farms on the jamis and did the single speed class on the jamis two times thus far this summer
to make this happen I borrowed the thudbuster from the surly and put it on the jamis

which has me riding the rigid surly with a standard seat post

me no like!

the ultra narrow WTB saddle on the stock seatpost is serious cheek splitter

there is no pleasure staying in the saddle on this bike

pure pain
without a second of pleasure
something needs to be done
there needs to
be the swapping out of the seat and the maybe the acquisition of another thudbuster seatpost
I love the ride of the monkey

my body has grown used to the thudbuster on the hardtail
guess I have a soft tail?

also want to put the stock rigid fork from the Jamis onto the Monkey
that said...
I still need to build up my Jamis Nova

where is that things to do list?

those are some photos from last year's Wakefield event
somehow the beard made it past the spring thaw into summer last year

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Frank Brigandi said...

thudbuster eh?
rigid posts are great also, but that harmony of seat and man is a literal match made in heaven. If I tare a saddle I keep it, send it to be fixed. I have several old favorites, Cinelli unicanitor 6 of them actually, and an old Specialzed-WTB ti railed saddle that is amazingly comfortable to me.
i know of the wtb saddle in which you speak, too narrow for me also, it literally hurt sitting on it. I gave it to a friend.