top ten... not bad... not sure what it says... but not bad just the same


top ten

not bad

watching the tour

have not seen Peter's Cervelo short yet

the advertising is wonderful

although I do fast forward through the commercial breaks with the dvr

Cervelo has a great promotion campaign
some great riders and apparently a great product
hope Stuart O'Grady is set to mend well

the advertising has me wanting a cervelo

has some good advertising in the tour
just got a box from accelerade
looking forward to trying this stuff out
a back to back at wakefield may be
the perfect place for some recovering games


megA said...

i do love the cervelo commercials too, but dang, have you ever laid eyes on a parlee? made up here in Mass, and sweet. so. very. very. s w e e e e e e t.



Peter Nicoll said...


perplexing and downright infuriating. 9th?

Gerard and phil are on my shit list.

they've lost their DC privlidges. for real. Elin has a cervelo now, got her one for her birthday, the specialized rides with a little more sense of joy de vivre.


So pissed. They no longer deserve my fly assed, love filled hd project, lensed long and laced with Fort Knox Five, they snub us with silliness.

gwadzilla said...

peter your short was awesome

perhaps it was not for mass consumption

there will be a shrek four next year and it will make it to number one with fart jokes

do not be pissed
be pleased with your effort
keep your vision!

don't forget
cross season starts in dc on september 16th
dcmtb is hosting a cross race

Peter Nicoll said...

Tubulars have arrived in the mail.

with names like rhino.

and typhoon.

alloy guards.

preparation has begun, and there is no h in this one.

will be making Specialized and Cannondale commercials from now on.

gwadzilla said...


cross racing...
no cross filming?