amazing time capsule

The Church Ramp Crew in 1978

photos by bert
on Arlington Skate Blog
more photos from that era

Alec MacKaye, Ian MacKaye, and Henry Rollins (then Henry Garfield) are in that picture
deductive reasoning would say which ones

take a close look at the skates
some are homemade another has four trucks and eight wheels

the author of Arlington Skate Blog was a DC bicycle messenger in the early 80's
I recall him wearing his skate helmet at work
very few people of that era wore helmets


Mike said...

i love these old skate shots, so many great days and it shows how old i am getting. these pics motivated me to attempt to track down any old pics i might have, but could only find one, a very early ramp shot. at least it got me to post a blog entry. later.

gwadzilla said...

I skated but it was definitely not as focal to my being as it was for others

Roman Holiday said...

I grew up skating during the dogtown era (70's). Great photo - I may need to buy a new board & find some empty pools.