Crank Brothers Multi Tool

Crank Brothers Muli Tool
Crank Brothers makes a nice tool
their site has beautiful design and so do their products
Time is my pedal of choice
but when it comes to multi tools I go with Crank Brothers!

it is not a bicycle multi-tool if it does not have a chain tool
not only does the Crank Brothers Multi-Tool have a chain tool
this tool also has spoke wrenches!

this morning as I stepped out the back gate into the alley I noticed that my rear wheel had a nasty set of hops
rather than rushing back into the house and turning things upside down in an effort to find a single spoke wrench I just pulled out the Crank Brother's Multi-Tool and fixed things right up

it is great when things do what they are designed to do

Crank Brothers Muli Tool
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UltraRob said...

I was racing the 24 Hours of Moab solo and in the middle of the night I needed to go to the bathroom. I needed toilet paper and had none. The desert of Utah doesn't really have anything soft to use. I was getting very desperate when I spied a sock tied up with something inside it. I was really happy about the sock and didn't care what was inside. It was some multi tool but I didn't get a good look at it in the dark. I threw it in my pocket. It turned out it was a Crank Brothers Multi 19. It ended up being my favorite multi tool. A few years later I lost it and bought another one.

gwadzilla said...


I never tried wiping with one!

that multi-tool is versatile!


(do you still have the sock?)

iconoclaSSt said...

Agreed about the spoke wrench feature...much better than the one found on the Park I-beam mult-tool (which I also like).

Used the Crank Bros. spoke wrench to true up JoeP's 4-broken-spokes "racer" wheel (aluminum nipples plus triple-butted spokes plus road rim = dirt-ride disaster!) at the Liberty Jam Saturday after trying unsuccessfully with the Park version. The Park one is notched into a tire lever, and (unlike w/ the Crank Bros. tool) you get in only about a third of a turn before the lever contacts the other spokes...frustrating!

The downside to the Crank Bros. tool is that I've had two of them fall apart in my saddle pack; the bolts holding the tool "frame" together have an insidious way of backing out unassisted and unnoticed. (I suppose this can happen with any mult-tool, but the CB seems particularly prone to it.)

Tool nerds can look forward to a review of both multi-tools on my blog shortly.

gwadzilla said...


I am gross!

gwadzilla said...


I want a multi-tool review
then I also want a novelty bottle opener review

but please
try to write something that does not send me to Britannica dot com

your big words only impress me as much as your big arms

which are pretty impressive

Chaty said...

Pretty nice tool! I wonder if I can get that here in Spain? I have to check. The multi-tool I have from Decathlon is pretty weak.

Chaty said...

Pretty cool tool (despite some of the uses your readers suggest!) I wonder if I can get one here in Spain. The one I have from Decathlon is quite limited.

Suki said...

i'll take two please.


riderx said...

Used the Crank Bros. for a while. Liked it overall except it had a propensity to rust. That and the binder bolt broke in half leaving me with a pile of unusable allen wrenches! But nothing lasts forever, it is definitely one of the better, well thought out compact tools out there.

Rocky6 said...

I can echo Icono's experience with the assembly bolt coming unscrewed. No rust problems though because of little if any exposure to water.