the decision has been made... focus back on the monkey

the decision has been made
time to focus on the karate monkey

rode the six year old specialized fsr dual suspension bike to work today

the bike was far from familiar

so unfamiliar that I went over the handlebars when a bar end grabbed an obstacle in a narrow passage
on a quick transition from the street to the sidewalk
the bike felt good going over the curb
I was not sure if I would fit between the construction barrier and the street post
landing on the sidewalk confirmed that the passage was too narrow
it was foolish for me to ride with blind confidence on an unfamilar bike

during lunch I ran into cargo mike and his cargo bike
I told mike about my purchase, my parts replacements, and my need for a mechanic's stamp of approval
mike invited me to stop by his mechanic's job at revolutions bicycles after work so he could throw the machine in the stand

we went our separate ways
me to my job and mike to his
I watched and mike spun that seemingly awkward trailer with such comfort the wrong way on a one way street

I arrived at revolutions a minute or two before mike
this gave me time to catch up with super dave

I have know super dave forever so there is always plenty to catch up on

in between customer repairs mike worked on the new bike for my varried bicycle quiver
attention to the skipping gears, straightened the rear wheel, and then a glance at the shock
things took a few minutes longer than anticipated
which got me home a few minutes late

a call to lisa gave her warning
but I was still later than expected
partially because I needed to ride the bike a bit

the bike responded well
the fit was good

the gears were not skipping

the shocks front and rear seemed to be working as they should

the brakes were dead on

the bike did not quite feel right

the positioning was unfamiliar

a good fit but an unfamiliar fit

I cut through some urban paths
the bike cornered well and seemed to hold a good line

the shock seemed to take up the cushion but there was no real obstacle to test the potential
the bike was getting good marks
then pedals kissed a rock
it may have been my section nature to get out of the saddle to go through a patch of rocks
dual suspension has a different set of balance
my riding style is more fashioned towards the riding style of the single speed... even when on gears

the short ride confirmed my aprehension
it would be a hasty decision to swap bikes unneccesarily a few days before the race

if I had no bike option this would be a fantastic bike option

but the monkey is working fine
and well the monkey is far closer to my second nature

yes the karate monkey is a beast

but a familiar beast

it is best for me to stick with what is familiar

tonight I will put the monkey in the stand after the kids go to bed

my neighbor chris gave me some old v-brakes to replace my knobby grabbing cane creek quasi-u-brakes

then after that I will be back on the monkey and make the final prep and the final approach to the shenandoah mountain 100


josh said...

do you really prefer the 29-er wheels for off roading?

I rode my friends on - one and I really don't like the increased moment of inertia.

- i ride a kona kula deluxe 26er... though they make a 29er kula now...

i have no desire to upgrade.

gwadzilla said...

do I really prefer the size 13 shoe?

the 29er to me is not about the said advantages that can be found in various pages like fisher.com

it 29ers were better across the board
every pro would be riding 29ers

the 29er fits me the same way that the 12 inch bike fits my three year old
and that a 20 inch bike fits my six year old

I am 6'4" tall
why would I ride the same size mountain bike wheel as Kerry Litka?

Mark said...

I'm a little afraid of checking out a 29er. See, at 6'1" (and size 12, of course), I'm probably not so clear cut a case of size fitting. But the way a 29'r draws me . . . well, there's that feeling my gut.

But I can't really afford to throw out the stable at the moment. So.

We press on.