I do not know bob... I do not know king giant

I do not know bob
I do not know king giant

the thought of suicide makes me sad

I heard a rumor that bob of king giant hung himself last night

hope he is more at ease in the world he exists in now
my heart goes out to bob, bob's family, and all that cared about bob

king giant at myspace


coalhalo said...

I've known Bob for 20 years. We worked together at the old 9:30 and the Fifth Column.

This is very depressing news for me. Bruce from 9353 gave me the news earlier today, but did not give much details other than the day he died. I came home from work a few hours ago and now that I am sitting in front of this computer, hearing Thud and King Giant playing from the speakers as I write this, Bob's death is starting to sink in to my heart. Soo many people from our background have died terrible deaths; od's, suicide, murdered, cancer at a young age. And there are many more that became the walking dead, and never returned. The list is soo long, and when I think of all the people I've known who died these senseless deaths I see their faces and it makes me want to cry. Doug C. killed himself when I was 16 by jumping out Mara M's window, and that was the first friend of mine to kill themselves. I have not yet heard how Bob died, so I'll hold off on speculating since you said his hanging was a rumour. Bob suffered from depression like many of us. And like me and others he tried to escape it but wound up a junkie. He finally got past that like I did, and to hear that he might have killed himself after getting clean is another sad chapter of this life.

Bob, I'm honoured to call you my friend. We were very close to each other at certain points in our lives, and that was not always a good thing. But I'll treasure you in my heart always. Thanks for all the joy you gave me. I love you.

gwadzilla said...

those are beautiful and sound words

it has taken many of my friends
so have drugs

depression and drugs dance together
sort of like a mosh pit
the mosh pit can be fun
the mosh pit can be dangerous
the mosh pit can get out of control

I feel for your loss
I still think of my lost friends often

gwadzilla said...

I am going back to King Giant myspace page to give their music another listen

there is power
there is emotion
there is sadness