it is true...


it is true... I have never blogged about damien dukovich
and it is not just because I can not spell his last name
it has been intentional



SquidBuzz said...

But you know what the funny thing is? We are somewhat alike. We both work in computers and both have lost dogs the past year that we loved and deeply miss.

My work area is Windows desktop and server support. Yours?

I lost a dog that I had lived with for over 16 years. Her name was Fluffy and the 1st anniversary is coming up next month. I did get another dog similiar to her to help fill the void. It's the same but different.

And one last thing, we both love food and bikes.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Frank Brigandi said...

I miss my Rottweiler Otto still after 3 years have passed.
You never replace a friend(pet) with another one, I believe it's a new relationship not to be mimmicked but one to evolve ad it's own specialness in a way.
But darn I loved My rottie like no other dog. He was my companion, took him everywhere, never had a problem with him behaving badly except for the farting.. but hey it was funny in a way y'know... special dogsare yes, not 2 alike.