looking for inspiration

looking for inspiration
trying to understand death

got a call from an old friend today
we have not spoken
but I have heard through a mutual friend that he is in town for his brother's funeral
I do not know the specifics
my guess it has a shakespearian tragedy tone to it
with a little live by the sword die by the sword to it
not to belittle his death
but his past is tainted with stories fitting for a john singleton movie

went back and reread a gwadzilla archive from christmas 2004
it shows me how I spent more thinking about what I wrote and what words I used
it is a sad story that does not help me to understand death
but rather reminds me of the pain that death can bring
it is the story of an old friend who died on his bicycle some years ago
jim wilborn was a friend to many

I need to reread The Alchemist
as my life is at a different stage it may come to me with a different level of understanding
or at least aid me in revisiting some ideas
I gave The Alchemist to Jim as an engagement gift in an effort to aid him in understanding of of the death of his best friend Rob Williams
the death of Rob Williams, another death of a friend who was a great guy and a friend to so many


Dan S said...

"I am a mountainbiker"

1st big guy across the line great job and great story man!

I can't wait!

gwadzilla said...

we all need to run mantras through our head

Craig said...

Fantastic book.