oh wiki... how did I doubt thee

sure enough
madonna of the trails on the wiki page
roadside america

I considered putting my favorite photo of madonna playing croquet
but I feel that the madonna of the trails is so worth mentioning that it is also worth viewing

in grade school I did a report on the madonna of the trails
since then I have not stopped spreading the word
I have yet to meet anyone who has heard of the madonna of the trails prior to my introduction


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Mr. Gwad,

There is the famous Pioneer Woman Statue in Ponca City Oklahoma.
Here's the website

Reading your entry, I was surprised that she wasn't on the list!

I know it well--and just a glance, it seems that the Okies might have felt left out--the PWS was built around the same time as the ones you speak of in your most excellent blog.

Cheers! Bruce

liz said...

You mean, except for people from Bethesda, right? Isn't she the one that used to be in front of the post office on Wisconsin? Or maybe she still is...I think they did remove her at some point for construction or cleaning or something...

Euan said...

I think it's still at it's temporary home at the Montgomery County Fire/Rescue Training Academy in Rockville. At least it was in May when I was last there.