rain... we need rain... but that does not mean that we always want rain

afternoon rains have cut into my plans to ride
sure I could have ridden in the rain
but the rain cut into my desire to ride

tomorrow is the Cranky Monkey race at Quantico
not sure if it will happen

some trails dran better than others
my guess is that Quantico is not a well draining trail

I still got plenty of exercise running around and swimming with my kids
not Shenandoay Mountain 100 training
but honestly
it is too late to cram for the test
just need to sharpen my pencils

I am stoked...
still toying with the idea of riding another bike

no... I have not and do not expect to hear from Kona
had I really wanted to try and hit them up with a sponsorship/demo deal
I could have sent them some articles in SPOKES and a race resume
instead of the cocktail napkin with the idea that it would be cool to hook GWADZILLA up with a Hei Hei 29er!

it is fun to dream

now I am toying with the idea of riding a friend's old double banger
it would be 26 inch wheels
but I think it may be a faster bike
more race worthy than the trusty old Karate Monkey
I love the Monkey
but I hate how I have to noodle through stuff that other people float over
okay... maybe that is my failure as a rider not a problem with the bike

I was not planning on racing tomorrow
maybe if there is a rain date I will race Quantico after all


a said...

i said gwadzilla!
long time no chat.. came across my old blog, saw your comments, enjoyed your attention for a bit.

ventured into videoblogging. got some attention in san francisco, just as i finished my MFA.

but all that is done and over, maybe.

waiting to see if i might enjoy nursing school.

glad to see you are alive and well and enjoying the rain :-)

of tikitembo fame

Frank Brigandi said...

Rain,wind.. glorpy weather means cross workouts or practice....why not set up a "shitty alert" where if the weather is going to be horrid, ie cold, rainy, or just bad..... you message a group of people and do some workouts or practiceracing...
shitty alerts are asmooth way to enjoy a day of otherwise couch surfing and whining...