the situtation of the stolen bicycle

the situation of the stolen bicycle...

I know when and where my wife's bicycle was stolen
but I just do not know who
I have suspects
everyone is a suspect

there are a number of primary suspects
everyone is a primary suspect

as I roll through the city on my bicycle I scan the sidewalk for my wife's bicycle
my eyes are normally drawn towards the cyclists around me
but now my intention is more than just curiosity
I am trying to solve a crime

there are some strong suspects
they know who they are
but do they know that I know who they are?
everyone is a suspect... yet I have a few primary suspects

I tried to plant a seed...
I tried to shake the tree...
I tried to play it from the angle of mellow and cool
with my own detective work
with my own reasoning

now things are going to have to leave my hands
as it is really out of my hands
it is not my job to be knocking on doors and asking questions
we have people paid to do such things
time for me to push my leads into the powers that be

I had hoped that my cornering my primary suspects would cause the thief to return the bicycle
they had a chance to return it for a finder's fee
but now...
now they have a chance to return the bicycle to call off the dogs
put it on the front porch... with the pedals... as I have heard that you removed the SPDs
as it is time to call in DC's finest
and we all know
when DC's finest gets on the case
well... things get done!

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