yes... I am a dreamer

yes... I am a dreamer
if you do not cast your line into the water with some bait on the hook
well... you will never catch any fish

I sent an very informal letter to Kona about wanting them to hook me up with a Kona 2008 Hei Hei 29er
but I can dream
dreaming about that winning lotto ticket is often as good of an escape as well
okay... I have never won the lotto

dirt rag hei hei review

and yes... that is an image of a 26er
but... with my size frame
it does not look like a 29er

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Darren said...

This might be more in my Range, but the 29er FSR Stumpjumper looks like the one..........well if you get it by some freak accident let me know how it rides.