things do not always go as planned...

last night after work I needed to pick up some prescription for dean
luckily I got out of work early so there was plenty of time to pick up the prescription before the national's game at rfk
enough time to pick up the prescription and go for a short ride

left out of work a few minutes early and threw my leg over the specialized cyclocross bike
zipped through traffic from dupont into georgetown
took the simple and straight route of wisconsin avenue up through georgetown to get to the cvs at tenleytown
it had been a while since I had opted for that trajectory
in my old and cautious ways I have grown accustom to the stop free route of the capital crescent trail
the flat and car free route of the capital crescent trail
but on this day I went against the hills with the traffic to get where I was going
after getting the stuff at cvs there was still some more time for more riding
managed to get an hour twenty on the bike before I got home and walked the dog
walking the dog
the post ride cool down
the post ride add on

then we went to the national's game
an experience more about people watching
the game is really background noise to a variety pack dinner
a dinner filled with cotton candy and peanuts
well, cotton candy and peanuts after all sorts of fried flavors
flavors including fries, crab cakes, catfish, and more fries
I like fried stuff

when at the national's game I plotted the morning ride
knowing I was working the late shift I thought I could get in a good prework ride
I debated with notions of driving to rosaryville, riding to cabin john

was certain that I could compensate for the fact that work had stepped on my toes and prevented me from doing the post work dirt endurance ride from downtown dc to just outside the beltway for the cabin john trails
woke wednesday morning to the usual scenario of assisting in the effort to get the kids dressed and fed before I step out the door to walk the dog
on this morning with my going in late lisa opted to swap tasks
dean being home without camp stayed with me
while lisa took grant to daycare then went running with the dog
no worries... lisa and brutus need some one on one time
lisa just like me can always use the exercise
so dean and kicked it with the big oak blocks

the morning ride was cut short
was able to squeeze in just about an hour before getting into work
an hour in the big ring
not quite the endurance ride prepping me for the SM100 that I was looking for
but good to get a ride in just the same

I forgot the rest of the story...
will come back to this
need to focus on other things

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