is it better to fly and crash and burn than not to fly at all?

is it better to fly and crash and burn
rather than to never fly at all?

the crash of tara llanes occupies my mind for so many reason
-as a cyclist who has been injured and knows the risks that create our limitations
-as a parent of two small boys... who of course fears for their future
-as someone who cares about others

the news is playing and replaying a clip from a football game where a player suffers a serious spinal injury

these incidents have me thinking that my wild boys would be better off reading books than skateboarding, riding bicycles, or climbing trees

but then
I am of the school of belief that it is better to live life and take risks than to not live at all

life is dangerous
live it at your own risk

respect the dangers
protect your children
but do not shelter them

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sydney_b said...

Yes. Definitely.