it has been several days since charm city

it has been several days since charm city
there needs to be a transition
today is wednesday
the middle of the week
a time where people stop looking at the weekend behind them and start to concentrate on the weekend ahead

the results came out from the organizers of charm city
MLK photos posted some solid images from the day... but was too busy racing the Master Bs to take photos of the Master Bs
and people have made blog postings
multiple blog postings

just as I have hunched over the computer reading blogs, typing blogs, looking at images from this weekend past, creating images from this weekend past I am sure that Kevin Dillard is cramming some computer time into his free time

Kevin had to recover from his race on Sunday then go to work on Monday
there are certainly all sorts of images to download
then he will need to wade through the images and toss aside the bad and center in on the good
after that Kevin will run some levels and maybe some effects on the image
these are the steps that separate me from the photographers
I just take some snap shots and create a collage
the photographers do their photo thing
I do my photo thing

this has me wondering... has kevin dillard posted any images on Velophotos.net yet?
if not... I can alwyas check out his Mary Jane shots
even if he did capture a wicked double chin on his shot of me
that is nearly as tragic as centering in on my bald head

sure enough, velo photos are up!
once again... kevin dillard flexes his muscle
thanks kevin
your contribution to the cycling culture is greatly appreciated!

that shot is of Paul Incognito
a good guy
a member of the cult that I know of as THE DELAWARE CYCLOCROSS COALITION OF DELAWARE
we rode a few laps around each other
I felt good about hanging close to him throughout the race
he had these burst of energy that kept making me think I would not see him again
but I managed to float around his pace till the end of the race

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