my legs are still tired

my legs are still tired
there have been more days off than days on since the sm100
sure there have been the daily commutes
and a few shorter than my usual short post work rides
but the for the most part pre work ride opportunities have been swapped for longer hikes with the dog
while many of the post work ride opportunities have been swapped for getting home to the family
there is so much to do around the house
there is so much to do in life in general

this morning I left out the house on my specialized cross bike thinking I could at least ride my cross bike after work
maybe not cross practice... but a ride on the cross bike
two rotations of the cranks from my back gate and I notice that my pedals do not match my shoes
or better yet... my pedals do not match my cleats
I grabbed the wrong shoes
there are SPDs on the cross bike
I was wearing shoes with TIME cleats
no dah
dah hickey
there is immediate understanding that a post work ride can only happen with shoes
I know that I would not ride if I had to go home and then leave after work to ride
I start to rethink my day

then I realize I had tentative plans to meet with max to have my cross bike built
yes... just getting my cyclocross bike built
broke my jamis nova a while back
they warrantied it with rapid turn around
the frame and fork have been in the basement in a box
tonight I took that box over to max's house
took the box with the frame and fork and a box with pretty much everything else
then I realized I had forgotten the wheels
maybe removing the wheels from my thirty year old colnago with a cracked frame may have side tracked me
so I had to turn the element around about a block away from his house
now worries
the route I took was not all that filled with traffic
I had the mavic open pro wheels and was at max's in about the time I had anticipated
wanted to run around and get some midge bars
but am excited to try the salsa bell lap bars I bought when I got the frame whenever ago

hung with max for a few minutes
max and I discussed the build of the jamis nova and the weld repair I needed on the cracked colnago frame
the cross bike is a bigger priority
but the approach to the fixed gear fix to the cracked frame was more interesting
I left with an estimated deadline of friday night for the cross bike
and an understanding of an open date for when this fix has to happen
I left excited to see the bike already in the stand and max stoked to get this machine into riding form
show room new... with some parts that we are hopeing for better than best possible

more words on the goodbye and then to home depot to grab a few things
lisa was at a pta style meeting
I had asked my dad to watch the kids because I had originally expected to work late
after I learned that I did not have to work I figured to stick with the plan
my dad was excited to see the boys after his trip to china
my boys were excited to hang with their grandfather
I had stuff I could do
this was a perfect opportunity to drop off the bike

I could have ridden
then dropped off the bike
then gone to home depot for some things
then walked the dogs
then freed my dad
then put the boys to bed
subtract the ride and there is more time with the boys
objectives met
and some time with the kids

that is how the day went

did not finish the home depot inspired project
need some more hardware for the trueing stand stand
had a good time with the boys
stoked to have my bike in good hands for a good build
enjoyed the use of a new Pedros Spoke wrench on the often tweeked rear wheel on my specialized cyclocross bike

I am going to finish this glass of wine and go to bed

maybe I will play with an image or two first

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