neither here nor there

I know it is neither here nor there
but it is no different in the west than it is in the east
they think they are right but they are wrong
this story could be in DCist
as it turns out it is in LAist

cyclist and public bus driver confrontation

no... that is not me
but he is certainly a brother on the bike

careful out there soldier
you are worth more to us alive than dead


Russ said...

I've been there before. I think it takes buses a while (ten or so complaints to the police) before they realize they have to share the road.

gwadzilla said...

years ago there was a diamond painted on the right hand lane
reserving the right hand lane for buses and bicycles (and right hand turns)

even in that era of logic the buses had no love for the cyclist

I always try to remember...
the people driving the short bus used to ride the short bus


no matter how right I may be... the bus is still bigger than me

Akilles said...