some old faces from the dc streets

GB J Skateboard Photography!

that is Sambo
Sambo scrapped for Apple Courier many years ago
on that same page is also Tim Whistler
not only wast Tim "PUKER" Whistler on the cover of Thrasher in '81
Puker was also scrapping for top dog position at Apple Courier
there is a shot of Kenny from Marginal Man... who also pushed the pedals on the DC streets as a messenger in that same era

what ever happened to Jim Noonan!?!?!?
what every happened to anybody?
I have seen some of the Texas boys on myspace
those guys knew how to RAGE!

fantastic shots!

makes me want to go back in time and spend more time on my skateboard!


hounddogblog said...

Yeuuaa Sam Boo at Lansdown skate park. Very nice indeed!

Mike said...

sweet. keep sourcing the old skate pics. great memories. mike