the cycle always goes full circle

the cycle always goes full circle...

in a google for a gwadzilla archive I found this image

that was last summer
that archive is pretty classic
images of sexy aiden
images of beautiful dana and her bike before it got stolen
images of maggie looking hot with some serious ink
image of an evasive photographer from velo photos

some great images
not just great images of sexy ladies
some images of sexy men too... VELO PHOTOS and other random bicycle people

then some shots of me
then some photos of my kids
I was google searching for something else
but that picture of don watkins came up just as I received an email from don
I contacted don about some EMT stuff
in that email I learned that don is about to be a proud poppa a second time over

congrats don and linda

and wow!
that archive is full of some classic images

I covered a spectrum of various messengers
ending with a shot of bruce
funny... I do not usually plan to meet up with bruce
but today we connected so that I could pass out some flyers for the DCCX cyclocross event that DCMTB is hosting

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