got a call today

got a call today from my old buddy tom

tom is back in town from california for a few weeks
tom wanted to go for a ride
so I met tom in dupont after work
had my cross bike and had some ideas
but tom was on his mountain bike and those ideas did not work with my idea

we left out the park headed to the capital crescent trail to catch up side by side as we rode
early into the ride we saw that the holiday and the warm weather got some bikes out of the garage
so we move to the towpath along side the canal
there appeared to be a number of people touring
the 186.4 miles of the C&O Canal are a popular three day bicycle tour
as well as being the landing pad and the launching pad of so many cross country bicycle trips

we rode
there were no winged migration moments with the birds
too much human traffic on the path
fisherman, joggers, people with their dogs, commuters, and other various collections of people

we caught up as we rode

tom is just back from an injury
my legs may be tired
I may be a tad burnt out
but tom is currently out of shape
I slowed my page to hang with tom
things slowed down
I felt like my bike would fall over if I slowed down any more

I opted for me to blaze home and tom to grab his dog hutch then drive downtown
that worked for tom
that worked for me
I was already late to meet the family

it was good to hang with tom
brutus and hutch were a tad slow to piece together who the other was
but once brutus smelled tom it all came back to him
these were friends of my dogs for many years
many miles of rock creek park looped over and over with this dog and his owner

lisa ran an errand while dean and grant joined us for a night time loopp in the woods
with flashlights in everyone's hands we did a short loop across the street
the short loop was almost too long for hutch... the old girl is starting to show her age

hope to see tom a bit more before he leaves town

we went for what I thought would be an hour ride
by he time I got home nearly two hours had passed
but... judging from my soreness it was still a good ride
we covered some ground... we caught up

zoom into the upper left hand corner of that photo
then scroll down
as close as I can come to copenhagengirlsonbikes

tom has a seldomly updated blog

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hounddogblog said...

Hey, I know that bike!

Glad to see you made it back in 1 piece Tom.

Enjoyed having you out west. You will be missed.

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