the innovation of the mountain bike...

whether it was an invention or an innovation
it is definitely a vital point in the mountain bike timeline
not to mention... it looks like it was a down right good time

klunkerz on youtube



Repack Rider said...

It was a good time, and the film brings it all back.

I think you have already linked to my site, from which much of the material in "Klunkerz" was drawn, but here it is again.

gwadzilla said...


like a high school reunion of sorts

except I am guessing that you guys were cutting class to go ride your bikes

I look forward to seeing the flim

when is the film touring through the Washington DC area?

gwadzilla said...

and yes...

over the past many years of killing time on the computer I have definitely been to your page

are you still a mover?

do you know of another moving company in the Bay area that owned and operated by a couple of people from Washington DC, Mike Ryan and John Reardon

some really good guys that I used to hang out with
but our hanging out may not merit a documentary... or does it?