jason berry... 24 solo

another mountain bike epic by gripped films being recognized by the banff mountain film festival
a film well worth sharing

yes... jason berry
I do like that portrait from senior year of high school
I will refrain from asking if you arrived at your prom in a yellow tuxedo in a stretch camero limo

I had my 20th high school reunion a few years back
which gave me a chance to look back to see what a dork I was
instead of looking in the mirror and seeing what sort of dork I have become

banff mountain film festival
gwadzilla archive from 2004 on banff
gwadzilla archive fro 2005 on banf

I am sure I could scan the gwadzilla archive for an image of me worth mocking
but it is not my job to be fair

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

and yes

I did see that your tux was white

great photos

great evolution

and ya know what

the evolution continues