not sure where this image came from

I found this image here sufferingcyclocross.blogspot
but I am not sure where it came from

cross is about racing
racing is not just about the race
racing is about all that surrounds getting ready for the race
I may only do four cyclocross races in the Masters B this season
but to me... this is still cyclocross season

the cyclocross bike is the staple bike for my commute
when I ride I think about where I can ride my cyclocross bike
when in traffic I am growing more comfortable with slowing and going on the cross bike
stopping to nothing and accelerating to stop to nothing only to accelerate again
if I had more time it would be better training
but there is not much time
there are other things to do
either I am late at work
or I am rushing home to free the babysitter or walk the dog

not racing in hagerstown this weekend
need to glance at chip's cyclocross calendar for the midatlantic
I knowI am racing the DCMTB DCCX race
but not sure if there is anything more recent on my radar
maybe granogue... I want to get my ass kicked at granogue

trying to fit Cox Farm into this weekend

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