once again I repeat myself...

it happens...
I repeat myself
but... that is the way it goes
maybe I forgot that I traveled down this road
maybe I wanted to travel down this road again
maybe I wanted to take you down this road

charlie kelly loves to share his story
charlie kelly's story is worth sharing

charlie kelly's web page
granted my site is a blog and it is all WYSWYG easy stuff
but... if you wrote a book you would want it to be hardback
it your painted a picture you would want it to be framed
maybe charlie kelly could present his page with all that information in a different way
this clearly is not hardback nor is this mounted in a frame
yet it is still worth checking out

I am curious if Charlie has a setting for web alerts for when the word KLUNKERZ is posted on a web page

a gwadzilla archive where I mentioned this page before.... with the same image
the archive is funny... there are some messenger photos from a different season
the one of Marcia reminds me that I missed the shot today as she was hammering down 19th Street
the image of Antonio reminds me that he only let me photograph him once while today was the first time I have seen him on the bike in months

I like to revisit these archives after some time has passed


Repack Rider said...

I am curious if Charlie has a setting for web alerts for when the word KLUNKERZ is posted on a web page

Google blog search. Billy was very smart to use a unique spelling, which always references his film.

Since there was a burst of publicity lately surrounding the bike show, I've been keeping track and doing what I can to support Billy's incredible project.

My website grows in unexpected directions driven by unlikely stimuli. I'm really trying to work on putting it into a book, but a website publishes it NOW. What you see there is a tiny fraction of the mountains of publications and photographs that I have assumed responsibility for and which fill a room.

gwadzilla said...


there are programs like BLURB.com for self publishing

but even the website could be modified to be more than an old school HTML/Page Maker page

it would take some time
but it would make sense to showcase these images better

gwadzilla said...

definitely give some time to the pages of Charlie Kelly... some amazing nuggets in there!

Roman Holiday said...

"You can't grow no fruits if you don't know your roots." - Muddy Waters