the age of the Internet

when I first got a computer
back in the days of dial up
back in the days of AOL
yes... AOL
don't be too cool
you know that voice and sound of YOU GOT MAIL works you like a Pavlovian Dog!

when I first got a computer and the Internet I would scan the web and read about bicycle stuff
the information was harder to gather
the information was sparse
this has all changed
information is easy to access

the film KLUNKERZ reminds of of so many people I had heard about then learned more about over the wonders of the world wide web

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D A N O said...

My first interent was 1992 (i think). Was not AOL but the other one at that time. Forgot the name.

I was totaly amazed.

Now Im sitting outside a coffee shop with my laptop.

Who knew? (besides Al Gore)

I still have my first laptop. Again, around 92 or 93. IBM thinkpad. 25mh chip. 8 inch screen. $2900.00 bucks!

iconoclaSSt said...

We all hung out a bit with Ms. Phelan at the Worlds in Aviemore. Interesting lady, to be sure. She rode drop bars (a trademark of sorts, I think) on the course, which is certainly laudable.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

wow. beee-YOU-tifuLL, young woman - those spectacular pony-tails... Ah, Heaven-Above, where I can have anything I desire for being a good steward... Nevertheless, a-hem.

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gwadzilla said...

almighty then...

I mean

alrighty then...

or do I mean almighty zen?